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コラーゲン ビューティ ジェリー / Collagen Beauty Jelly

コラーゲン ビューティ ジェリー / Collagen Beauty Jelly

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Main ingredients/ Fish Collagen Peptide 5000mg, Proteoglycan F 20mg, Sodium L-ascorbic acid 11,5mg

Nutritional facts(1sachet)/ Energy30kcal, Salt equivalent0.03g, Carbs1.23g, Fat0.06g, Protein6.15g

Contents package/ 30 sachets (15g*30)

Raw material name/ Collagen peptide (including gelatin) (manufactured in China), blueberry juice, dextrin, salmon cartilage extract (including salmon)/citric acid, fragrance, gelling agent (polysaccharide thickener), grapefruit seed extract, Sodium L-ascorbic acid, Sweetener (Sucralose), Haematococcus Algae Pigment

*Please check the ingredients and do not consume if you have food allergies.

*When ordering from lifexp-japan.com you are responsible for assuring the product can be lawfully imported into your country. Customers are the importers of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the destination country.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Excellent results

Your beauty collagen is of excellent quality, I’m already on my fourth pack, my nails and hair have changed dramatically for the better and are growing faster, I don’t have time to cut them :)
Only one thing-would be good
To have different tastes of collagen, a neutral one and a few more different flavors of the most common ones, for people with different tastes

Stefan Tepsic

Hi people, i wanna share my experience with this product, My name is Stefan, i am 37y old guy and one of my hobbies is natural bodybuilding, i dont use supplements nor steroids, and i train for 50+ hours per month, just straight training, running and sprints not included, and sometimes my tendons get inflamed and hurt for months (i dont stop with training even then, nor i did this time). After one pack of this product (which is super tasteful btw, ive had a hard time restraining myself not to take more/ in a day cause its that tasty) ive managed to drastically drop my inflammation in my elbows and under the armpit, i would say up to 95%. Its good to mention that ive used it after one pack of Salmon Collagen Complex by LifeXP Japan. I am pretty much against every fitness product but this thing works for me, and i think it will work for anyone, since normal people are not training as much as me. Also, ive had Achilles tendon problem for 7 years, partially ive fixed it with good food and grounding (walking barefoot) but it seems that these products helped me with that as well, i am not sure how much but upper tendon problems were starting to get fixed in the matter of days. You can find me at instagram @nagruvajse too see that i am serious at natural bodybuilding, and that i do not promote any supplement ever, i even have a youtube channel where i teach young guys how to train and how to eat, and NOT use anything that fitness industry promotes. This is the one and only product that helped me so i am obligated to wright this. Good luck with your problems, stay possitive.

The best collagen I had ever tried

Very tasty like desert!, convenient to take on travel